Delivering Quality Foster care in Kentucky

Becoming a foster parent

Are you thinking of becoming a foster parent? We are recruiting foster parents in Kentucky now.

At Key Assets, rather than use the term 'becoming foster parents', we prefer to use the term 'becoming foster carers'. This is due to the fact that almost all children in care have birth parents and, although they may not currently be in a position to parent, they still hold the official title of ‘parent’ in that child’s life. In that sense, the term ‘foster parent’ applied to a foster carer can be seen to intrude on the role of the child’s birth family.

Foster carers needed in Kentucky

Right now, foster carers are needed to provide a safe, stable and caring home to children and young people in Kentucky who, for a number of reasons, cannot live with their own families. Foster carers play a vital role in supporting and nurturing vulnerable children, which is why Key Assets holds them in the highest regard.

Ask yourself how you would feel if you made a real difference to a child’s life? Become a foster carer with Key Assets and we’ll help you to achieve your fostering goals by delivering all of the foster carer support, training and assistance that you need in your fostering journey.

Through the Team Parenting™ approach – a worldwide established framework of therapeutic support service provisions delivered directly to the carer and the child – we can supply you with the most intensive support infrastructure to help you to take the step towards your next challenge.

Becoming a foster carer with Key Assets

As you would expect from a truly professional fostering organization, the support that you receive starts right here, right now, as we guide you through your journey and support you every step of the way.

The journey to becoming a foster carer is rarely the same for every person. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll learn more about fostering and what’s entailed in becoming a Key Assets foster carer at every stage.

We’ll make the process of becoming a foster carer as smooth as possible for you by delivering comprehensive advice and support throughout the process. Kids in Kentucky need carers, maybe just like you, to help turn their lives around for the better. Together, we can make a real difference.

Find out more about foster parenting

If this is your initial stage of inquiry into fostering, we realize that there’s a fair bit of information to pull together. But that’s okay. To start with, there’s a lot of interesting fostering information on this website, all broken down into manageable steps along the way. But don’t forget we’re here to help.

So call us on 859 497 3800, pop in and visit us at one of our offices in Mt. Sterling or Lexington.

Take a moment…

First, take some time to read through this website and to learn more about the requirements of foster carers and the process for applying to become a foster carer, as well as all of the other relevant information you need. Whenever you’re ready, you can register your interest by clicking the inquire online button in the top corner of your screen.