Fostering in Ireland - Jackie & Magnus

Having been foster carers with Fostering First Ireland for just two years, Jackie and Magnus had a strong desire to look after more children who they felt they deserved to be part of a stable, caring and secure family unit. With three birth children of their own and three foster children in placement, the couple recognize that every child is an individual with their own individual needs.

“When the children first come into our family home they often suffer from huge emotional issues,” says Jackie. “But to see them overcome these traumas and thrive both socially and academically is just amazing.

“Last year we enjoyed a family holiday together and for me this was a milestone for all of us. The children respect having guidelines and they have learned that there are boundaries and routines to follow which in turn give them a sense of security, direction and expectation.”

The support of Fostering First Ireland

“Working with Fostering First Ireland has been great,” insists Jackie. “The support structures and foster carer training programs have really played a key part in gearing us up for the fostering task. There is always someone at the end of the phone to offer professional advice and ensure we have the tools to do the job.

“I just wish more people could come forward and consider fostering. I think it’s a lack of understanding that makes people worry that things might go wrong. And they don't bother to find out more.

“Certainly, for my family we have been overwhelmed by the changes we have seen in the children we care for. To make such a positive difference to their lives is what it is all about.”

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