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Fostering in Australia - Cheryl & Ray

Cheryl and Ray foster with Key Assets in Australia. After their own sons had grown up and gotten married, the couple missed having children in the house. Since taking up fostering with Key Assets in 2010, they’ve had their current placement with them for 8 months.

“For the first 3-4 months we found that we had to make a lot of adjustments,” remembers Cheryl. “As did the child, of course, because she had to get used to a new home, new school, friends… We had boundaries but we also had to make allowances for problems in the child’s past.”

Their first foster care placement

When their first placement came to live with them, Cheryl and Ray struggled to manage the anger and sadness she expressed as a result of her past experiences. It was the support of Key Assets Australia that turned out to be the vital turning point.

“Key Assets gave us excellent training on how to cope and handle different situations that might arise because, in the beginning, times can be a bit tough,” says Cheryl. “In our case, the child worked through a lot of anger and we really needed that support. But with love and a stable home, the anger problems were resolved and she has shown a lot of love and respect for us.

“You just wouldn’t recognize her now from the angry young girl who first came to us 8 months ago. Our bond is very strong; I think it will last forever.”

Would you become a foster carer?

As a relatively new couple to fostering, the question is, would Cheryl and Ray recommend it as a career path for others all over the world?

“If you want to help a child the rewards are great,” Cheryl insists. “You can see how the child develops and grows in your care, but you need to allow time to watch, listen and understand them. We would recommend fostering a child to anyone, anywhere, who can offer a child some of their time and a stable, loving home.

“Key Assets is first class in taking care of the children and their carers; they’re friendly and they definitely know their business. We’ve all become good friends and, more importantly, we know we can turn to them in a time of crisis and they’ll be there for us. We trust them completely.”

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