Welcome To Key Assets Kentucky

Key Assets Kentucky launches new website

Brand new foster care agency, Key Assets Kentucky, has launched a new website to coincide with its official opening on Main Street, Mt. Sterling.

As part of Fostering First International, a global brand of fostering agencies that care for over 3000 children worldwide, Key Assets looks forward to bringing the unique Team Parenting™ approach to benefit foster children and youths throughout Kentucky.

How to explore the website

The new website is focused on foster carer recruitment in the Eastern Mountain region and the North Eastern region of Kentucky. Designed to be easy to read and navigate, we’re hopeful that it will attract more people to a valuable and rewarding career caring for foster children with complex needs.

Key Assets aims to provide potential foster carers with as much information as we can. That’s why, if you explore this website, you’ll find a wealth of foster care facts, including the different types of foster care placement, a glossary of fostering-related terms, background information on Key Assets and a media center to stay up to date with the latest news and developments.

Want to know more?

We’re always happy to hear from anyone who is thinking about becoming a foster parent. If you want to register your interest in fostering via this website, why not use our online inquiry form? Otherwise, you can talk directly to a member of our friendly team; call us on 859 499 4144 or come down and visit us in Mt. Sterling.