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Our Values

At Key Assets, we believe in making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children, families and adults across Kentucky. Our mission is to provide solutions for individuals that help them achieve.

It is our goal to become the leading agent of change in services through the delivery of our unique Team Parenting approach.

We want to break new ground, to meet the needs of children, and to deliver positive outcomes for children, youth, adults and families in Kentucky.

To meet our goals we will:

  • Provide effective support to children, youth, adults and their families.
  • Recruit and retain excellent employees.
  • Encourage and provide ongoing opportunities for employees, children and youth, adults and families.
  • Place participation and consultation with employees, children and youth, adults and families at the heart of our work.
  • Work closely with our customers, community partners and stakeholders to understand the ongoing needs of the community in order to meet those needs.
  • Become a regional supplier of high quality services to those in our community.

Passionate about realizing potential

We remain true to our founders’ belief in quality care for children and youth, adults and families.

  • Truth:  We act with care, compassion and integrity.
  • Quality:  We set high standards for ourselves in serving customers.
  • Energy:  We work with energy, enthusiasm and determination.
  • Results:  We measure outcomes and use them to make better decisions.

Ambition for children

We want children to have a sense of belonging and security within a family environment.

  • Engagement:  We encourage and enable children and youth, adults and families to have their voices heard.
  • Strengths Based:  We use a strengths based approach to our work.
  • Achievement:  We work with children and youth, adults and families to help them achieve.
  • Protection:  We protect all those who are vulnerable: children, youth and adults.

People matter

We believe that every person counts and is accountable.

  • Needs Led:  We put the needs of individuals first.
  • Diversity:  We value diversity, take pride in our work and celebrate our successes.
  • Responsibility:  We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes.
  • Challenge:  We challenge and support each other and our partners to constantly improve.

Safe change

We understand and successfully manage the risks of change.

  • Creativity:  We appreciate the need for change and work with pace and creativity.
  • Safety:  We never compromise on quality and safety for individuals.
  • Research:  We invest in research and learn from experience.
  • Culture of Ideas:  We promote a culture that enables ideas to be developed, shared and realized quickly.

Building communities

We believe we can achieve more by working together.

  • Local Focus:  We deliver locally based activities in support of local communities.
  • Sharing:  We share knowledge and information with stakeholders.
  • Respect:  We treat our partners with respect and integrity.
  • Honesty:  We are open and honest at all times.



Key Assets was founded on the philosophy that kids in foster care deserve the same opportunities afforded to every other son and daughter in Kentucky and across the United States.

Our unique Team Parenting approach to foster care offers these children all the support they need, whether that’s emotional, physical or mental. Our team can help with a range of very specific needs and provides a support network for the person caring for the child or youth.

As we settled into our work in Kentucky, there was a realization that there were unmet needs of individuals, children, youth and adults – in the community who were at risk for being placed outside of their home. Key Assets Behavioral Health was borne out of the desire to meet these needs and prevent individuals from having to leave their home, family and community due to lack of services or resources. Therefore, Key Assets Kentucky has evolved since its founding in 2011 to include services in home as well as out of home: Family Support, Intensive Out of Home Care Intervention and Community Care.

Family and Individual Support

Key Assets works with parents and caregivers to support them in caring for their child. In specific terms this may mean assessment and referral for needed services, targeted case management, peer to peer supports, community living supports, individual and/or family therapy. The focus will be maintaining that bond or connection between the caregivers and the child, all while focusing on the child’s behavioral health needs. Connecting parents to local resources and natural supports will be another focus in this in home family based model. Additionally, there are adults living in the community who have complex needs who may be isolated or unable to connect with necessary services. All services are person-centered and plans are developed to maximize the family and/or individual functioning.

Intensive Out of Home Care Intervention

In the event that removal from the home becomes necessary or a step-down from psychiatric hospitalization is needed, Key Assets has developed a community based model for our specialized group home program called the Children in Community Care (CCC) program. In the CCC model, two-three children/youth live in a community home with 24-hour staff support and supervision. The model is operated on a three staff to two children/youth ratio and is centered on the implementation of the child’s Behavior Support Plan developed by a professional with specialized training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The CCC Program is focused on creating environments that satisfy a child’s sensory diet and on the reduction of behaviors that prevent a child from being integrated into the community. The CCC staff plan and coordinate all aspects of the child’s care including the diet, behavior support planning, self-care and hygiene, and responding to aggressive and self-injurious behaviors. Ideally, children then transition to intensively-supported therapeutic foster homes or adoptive homes, or they may even be able to return home to their parents or other family member.

Community Care

Providing services in the community is the hallmark of the Key Assets service continuum. The goal for everyone is to live their best possible lives in a community.  To this end Key Assets works through various Medicaid and Managed Care Organizations to ensure that treatment may be provided within the community whenever possible. This means the children and young people as well as adults become members of various groups, such as school, church, employment, or clubs and learn how to become valued, contributing members of that community. Building natural supports and reducing the number of people that are paid to care for you is the primary goal of community care. Belonging and connecting are two of the foundational elements of community care. The comprehensive plan is centered on independent living goals and achieving the maximum independence and permanence for the young people being served. Simply put, Key Assets is in the Potential Maximization business.