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Team Parenting

Team Parenting

Team Parenting is our unique therapeutic approach to children and young people in care, bringing together the caregiver(s) and a range of qualified professionals to support an individual.

We believe caregivers are the agents of change for the child and our Team Parenting process ensures that the focus of the resources for the placement center on the developmental well-being of the child, the stability of their placement and improving their educational development.

As part of Key Assets International, a global brand encompassing foster care and community care agencies across four continents, we base our approach to foster care on the worldwide success of the Team Parenting approach and its effectiveness in positively impacting both trauma and attachment behaviors, and the provision of quality care in a family or community setting.

How Team Parenting Works

Team Parenting aims to address the therapeutic needs of children and youth in care. It involves an assigned therapist directing a team to support children in placement, which is made up of the caregivers and various professionals who specialize in different fields.

A Team Parenting meeting may be held to discuss a child’s needs before a placement or shortly after it begins.

The Team Parenting Team

The Team Parenting team will consist of a variety of different support service workers including:

  • Case Manager:  Case managers will visit frequently with the child in the group home setting and will be the primary liaison for the child with DCBS. The Case manager will coordinate all of the services needed for the child as well as work closely with the child’s school in assuring educational needs are met.
  • Therapeutic Child Support Worker:  Our support workers are experienced professionals provided for every child placed in a Key Assets Group Home who are trained to provide individualized care for a child based on their structured schedule, Positive Behavior Support Plan, Treatment (Care) Plan and other recommendations that may be provided by their Primary Care Physician, Therapist, Occupational or Speech and Language Therapist.
  • Therapists:  Our therapists provide therapeutic support to children via one on one sessions either in the group home or office as well as group therapy. Therapists also supervise Therapeutic Child Support Workers in their day to day work in the group home assisting the children with achieving independence in their activities of daily living.

Through the experience of Key Assets International, the success of Team Parenting has proven that even the smallest specialist intervention from one of these professional support services can make all the difference to a foster care placement.

The role of the caregiver in Team Parenting

Caregivers, which in our case are the Therapeutic Child Support staff, have a vital role as agents of change. By this, we mean that caregivers have the extended responsibility to deliver the therapeutic care directly to the child or youth.

Team Parenting support services are not intended to replace the responsibilities of the caregiver; instead they extend and enhance them.