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Key Assets Behavioral Health

Key Assets Behavioral Health specialists perform a variety of assessments including assessment for Autism utilizing the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2 (ADOS-2) and trauma assessment combining use of standardized measures (Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children and Trauma Symptom Inventory) and trauma-informed clinical interviews. Use of empirically supported assessment measures to complement clinical interviewing and observation is viewed as best practice and provides the basis for meaningful therapeutic intervention. Routine re-administration of measures throughout service provision assists Key Assets Behavioral Health clinicians with monitoring and ensuring treatment effectiveness.

In addition to assessment, we provide an array of services including individual and group therapy, targeted case management, peer support specialists and community support associates. Use of evidence-based practices is another method of ensuring the highest quality of service delivery, as is our use of a collaborative approach to service delivery. Our teams partner with each client and the client’s support system to provide meaningful treatment plans and to ensure that intervention efforts are tailored to meet individual and family needs.

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To schedule an appointment please contact our Lexington Office at 859.286.5744. Please send faxes to 859.286.6448.