Bringing Kentucky Kids Home Intro

At Key Assets Kentucky, we are proud to provide vulnerable children with family-based care in the heart of their local community.

So we are thrilled to announce that, by working with the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS), we’ve helped to reduce the number of children in out-of-state placements by an incredible 97%.

In 2007, 178 kids were in out-of-state facilities. Today, there’s only five.

It’s a huge achievement for a state that, only a decade ago, didn’t have a care network strong enough to cope with kids with severe behavioral problems and disabilities.

It’s testament to our foster carers too, who work incredibly hard to provide vulnerable children with the family environment and one-to-one support they need to thrive.

Bruce and Cindy, from Lexington, are just two of our brilliant carers who are helping to transform the way Kentucky cares for its vulnerable children. When J came to live with them, he had a long list of special needs and a history of violent behavior. The nine year-old had been in a secure hospital for so long he didn’t even know how to open a door on his own and was terrified of noise.

“You don’t see the child when you first bring them home,” says Cindy. “All you see is their pain and suffering, their anger. But if you keep working with them, eventually that child comes out.

Cindy was so committed to supporting J that she quit her job to care for him full time. Her support has made a huge difference, helping J to calm down and improve his behavior.
“A lot of people think these children need to be fixed, that they’re broken,” Bruce says. “They’re not broken. They just need a new way of reacting.”

Now the couple are helping J to build a brighter future as they prepare him for a new life with his adoptive family. They’re just two of thousands of foster carers across the state who are helping children to make the move from out-of-state to foster care.

Could you join them? We are looking for foster carers across Central Kentucky. If you think you could transform the life of a child like J, give us a call on 859.226.5022 or inquire online to speak to our team.

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