Specialized Group Homes

The first Key Assets Kentucky Group Home, licensed in December 2014, is a 1-2 bed treatment residential home designed especially to meet the unique needs of children with autism spectrum disorder.

This group home is a part of our Children in Community Care (CCC) program where we serve children who are currently in the custody of the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS), have been diagnosed with autism and are living in psychiatric hospitals due to the lack of available community resources.

Our CCC staff receive individualized training on each child’s behavior plan in addition to ongoing training on safe crisis management, the therapeutic use of daily life events, autism and other required areas.

Care in a Community Setting

Our group homes are located in a residential neighborhood in Fayette, Jessamine and Scott Counties, so the child can experience being part of a community. In addition to attending public school, our staff will provide several opportunities each week for the child to learn and practice community living skills by going to places such as the YMCA, local museums, indoor and outdoor parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and community events. Staff will also facilitate family relationships by coordinating phone calls and/or visits.

Our group homes were created to help children step down from long-term placements in psychiatric hospitals to a therapeutic foster home setting. Our model is designed so that when a child is matched with a foster parent in the CCC program, the foster parent can work with the child in the group home setting for at least 2-3 days per week to develop a relationship and learn how to support the child through the behavior plan.

Our shared goal with the DCBS is for each child placed with us to be stepped down to the most home-like environment, whether that’s with their biological family, foster family or adoptive family.

To speak to us about our group home setting, please call us on 859.226.5022.