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Key Assets Kentucky specializes in offering support services in two distinct areas: residential treatment group home care for youth with autistic and/or developmental disabilities, and behavioral health counseling services for youth, adults and families in times of crisis. Key Assets Kentucky is licensed in Central Kentucky and believes in a brighter future for all Kentuckians. Through their two outreach programs, they seek to improve the lives of the clients they serve, and their families, by offering high levels of care and support in loving and hopeful environments.

Children in Community Care

Key Assets Kentucky’s group home care program, Children in Community Care (CCC), provides safe and stable home settings for young people involved with the child welfare system due to their diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and a developmental or intellectual disability (DDID). An individual with complex needs is often one with co-occurring diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities or Delays, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Key Assets Behavioral Health

The goal of Key Assets Behavioral Health is to be the safety net for children, families and adults in times of crisis. Additionally, it is important to provide ongoing support following a crisis. This support may take many forms, including psychological assessment and/or testing, targeted case management, and individual or group therapy.

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What our Team Says About Us

  • Jacinda Lewis
    I like how friendly and supportive all the coworkers and supervisors are. I’ve never worked at a place that made me feel so welcome from day 1 prior to working for Key Assets. I also appreciate that upper management is open to new ideas and let you take initiative in problem solving and give you a lot of creative freedom. It’s refreshing to work at a place that makes you feel like your ideas matter and are willing to listen when you suggest a change to a process instead of making you feel that you have to do things “the way they’ve always been done.
    Jacinda Lewis
    Clinical Billing Supervisor
  • Flash Kinney
    I love so many things about Key Assets- the services we provide to our community and kids, the growth potential, flexibility, laid-back atmosphere, compassion and willingness to make mistakes and learn from them… most of all, I love the people I work with and the relationships I’ve built by being part of Key Assets. I truly feel as though I’m an important piece in our “puzzle.
    Flash Kinney
    Billing Specialist
  • Brittany Bentley
    I LOVE working at Key Assets because I like helping to support our office staff and making a difference in our community and our youth.
    Brittany Bentley
    Office Assistant
  • Charle Butler
    My job at Key Assets Kentucky is by far the very best job I’ve ever had in my career. Employees are truly valued and appreciated here. Professional growth is not only supported but fully encouraged by the management team, which is a major plus. I really enjoy coming to work every day, and that’s such a wonderful feeling.
    Charle Butler
    Business Systems Administrator
  • Joni Napier
    The families and individuals I get to have as clients are my favorite part about working with the Behavioral Health team at Key Assets. I enjoy being able to identify clients’ strengths, ones that sometimes they don’t even realize they have, and working together to use those strengths to address whatever barriers they’re facing. We are also so lucky to have such a great time with great supervisors. I always feel supported and comfortable being surrounded by such kind and knowledgeable people.
    Joni Napier
    Targeted Case Manager
  • Shauna Rudd
    The thing that I enjoy so much about my work with Key Assets is the supportive network of people I’m surrounded by every day. I feel so much encouragement and support from my supervisors and coworkers. Key Assets is easily the most positive environment I’ve ever worked in, and when I feel support, I am in a better position to offer support to those we serve.
    Shauna Rudd
  • Samantha Adams
    I enjoy working for Key Assets for so many reasons. I have an amazing team that supports me and truly cares about me as a person and not just an employee. I feel I am part of something that is much bigger than me in helping others. I also enjoy working for Key Assets because most days it doesn’t feel like work. I truly enjoy my “job” in serving others in hopes of bettering their lives. Lastly, this is the only job I’ve had where I truly have a work life balance. Having the ability to work from home allows more time with my family. There are so many more reasons, but these are some of the big reasons for me.
    Samantha Adams
    Targeted Case Manager Supervisor
  • Rhonda Bingham
    I enjoy working here because I’ve never been somewhere that tries so hard to foster a family oriented atmosphere. There’s also no other job I’ve ever held in my career that is as understanding and flexible when it comes to the needs of their employees.
    Rhonda Bingham
    House Manager
  • Tabitha Whitt
    I love KAK. I’ve been in this field for five years now. Ive done the medical side, community access, I’ve been a house manager, and direct care staff. I’ve seen quite a few residential homes, none like ours. We make sure to give the absolute best care to our youth, and it shows. How far the youth have came in even the last year at house 8 makes me feel so good about my job. Yes, there’s hard times. But their many accomplishments make my job easy to do. Ask for management, I believe you guys care about your employees’ mental health just as much as the kids. Like I said before, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve experienced some of the hardest points in my life so far while being at KAK, personal life wise. And I have never had an employer express the concern that KAK does. From encouraging self care, making sure we’re okay, to offering other supports. It blows my mind how much you guys DO care for your employees. Amanda, Joseph, Jeff, and Brittney have been amazing. KAK has been so flexible with me, and my other coworkers. Another way you make sure your employees are in great shape to take care of the youth. A lot of residential facilities lack in that. But KAK goes above and beyond. I start school in the fall for my psychology degree, and KAK has made me excited to KEEP pursuing a career in this field. I truly thank you guys! This past year has changed my life, for the better, truly enriching.
    Tabitha Whitt
    Therapeutic Child Support Worker
  • Celestine Sims
    I like working for Key Assets because helping the children in this program lets me know that I have a purpose. I know without this program that the children they service may not have another safe place to live. To be a part Key Assets mission, to serve these children and provide a caring home is the kind of extended family I’m proud to be part of.
    Celestine Sims
    House Manager
  • Kayla Shelburne
    I enjoy working at Key Assets Kentucky because of the joy the children/teenagers bring within my heart. I am pleased to help these children/teenagers grow each and everyday. Every time I am having a bad day, these wonderful individuals help me smile and have a better day. This job has taught me a lot about patience, love, and responsibility. This is a wonderful environment in the group homes.
    Kayla Shelburne
    Therapeutic Child Support Worker
  • Amanda McCullough
    I love working here at Key Assets because I love to see our clients grow and accomplish their goals. This job is my favorite job I ever had being able to watch our client do things that they haven’t been able to do before or conquer their fear is amazing.
    Amanda McCullough
    House Manager
  • Charle Butler
    My job at Key Assets Kentucky is by far the very best job I’ve ever had in my career. Employees are truly valued and appreciated here. Professional growth is not only supported but fully encouraged by the management team, which is a major plus. I really enjoy coming to work every day, and that’s such a wonderful feeling.
    Charle Butler
    Business Systems Administrator
  • Lisa Gibson
    Key Assets is so much more than a place to work, it is an outlet for individuals, both employees and clients, to become the best versions of themselves. Key Assets fosters an environment that is positive, uplifting and monumental in creating positive and lasting differences.
    Lisa Gibson
    HR Manager

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