Success Stories

Every Step is KEY to Growth

We invite you to read through real-world examples of how our therapeutic approaches have facilitated transformation and healing in our clients’ lives. Each story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact that compassionate, personalized therapy can have. Explore these stories to understand the depth of our commitment to improving mental health and well-being. 

Names have been changed to protect the person’s identity.

Success Stories

"Caleb" has made a great deal of progress this year! Caleb came to Key Assets in 2020 as a step-down from his placement with Purchase Youth Village. He struggled with a significant trauma history, aggression, and difficulty engaging with peers. Caleb was disconnected from his family of origin after Read More

"Justin" has a beautiful success story! He arrived at Key Assets in 2019 following a string of disrupted placements. He struggled with managing emotions and had intense meltdowns that often resulted in Read More

I work with a middle school girl, "Lisa", who recently experienced suicidal and self-harm behaviors and ideations. I worked with her and her guardians to create a safety plan. She recently contacted me Read More

I am a therapist, but I was able to do a little case management work for "Betsy" and her family. I was able to get them a bunk bed and bikes for all five kids last summer by using some of the free yard sale sites. Read More

A referral for a sibling set resulted in a month of therapy services before a referral for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy and the offer to begin therapy services with one of the parents. The parent agreed and has taken what Read More

We had the opportunity to work with "Amy" who received a Targeted Case Manager and therapy services for several years and were recently discharged from therapy services. They now feel safe talking with their caregivers Read More

"Reid" receives therapy, targeted case management, and community support from us. He is a middle-aged man with several physical ailments. On top of that, he experiences extreme anxiety that has Read More

Not long ago, "Sue", the mother of a 20-year-old, we will call him "John", began therapy services with me. During the first initial intake session, Sue cried, overwhelmed with emotions. She said that her tears were not from sadness but gratitude to finally, after being on the waiting list for quite some time, be able to get some help for her son. John and Read More

When "Brooke" first entered our program, she would rarely speak and had frequent meltdowns that lasted for hours. Before she left us, she was able to communicate in partial sentences, sing, perform several ADL's, and use coping skills to calm down - all by herself at times! The youth has been identified as being non-speaking. However, this youth has Read More

"Rob" has been in therapy for quite some time but has struggled with making progress toward his goals. He has severe agoraphobia, which prevents him from leaving the house. We have started EMDR, and he has finally started to make progress! We have been working on going for walks together, and when we started, we were barely able to make it off his front porch. Recently, we’ve been able to walk down the block to the crosswalk, but his anxiety prevented him from crossing the street. On our last walk, he was able to walk down the block and, without prompting, crossed the street! This may seem like a small achievement for most, but for Rob it was huge and his first step in getting him out of his house.

My client, "Joe", has been struggling with separation anxiety to the point where they cry every morning before school. We are on week 4 of no tears in the morning!

One of my clients, "Tim", has struggled with behavior and anger management at home and school for years. Tim has not had an incident at school in 3 months!

With assistance from several other Behavioral Health Service Organization team members, one Targeted Case Manager has finally found a bed for his adult client. "Chris" had been sleeping on an old, broken couch originally donated by Goodwill four years ago. This client had a host of chronic medical issues, all of which were exacerbated by his inability to have any restful sleep on the unsupportive, lopsided couch. This case manager worked to collaborate with community partners, and to arrange to transport a donated bed for Chris.

Several of my clients are participating in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT) with me. All of those recently reassessed had a significant reduction in trauma symptoms, especially "Emma".

"Nick" suffers from generalized anxiety disorder. GAD-7 assessments and reassessments show that there has been a MAJOR reduction in symptoms over the past six months.

Our team has successfully advocated for the rights of "John" for appropriate in-school services and 504- accommodations, specifically related to the client's significant symptoms of ADHD and Social Anxiety. Sometimes, other members of John's support systems (parents, teachers, prescribers, etc.) are not always easy to coordinate and collaborate with. This was a significant success for our client due to the diligence and persistence of his Targeted Case Manager. Her efforts have made a major positive impact on John's functioning at school.

"Leeanne" has participated in Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy (including the model, methodology, and mechanism) to eliminate the negative emotional charge attached to her trauma history of automobile accidents. Previously, Leeanne struggled with significant symptoms of anxiety (verging on panic) almost every time the brakes were applied while riding in a vehicle. This severely limited her capacity to obtain her own driver's license. Since participating in EMDR Leeanne has seen a major reduction in symptoms!

After working with her therapist for 16 bi-weekly psychotherapy sessions "Kelly" was able to reduce her levels of depression from 43 (severe depression) to 22 (mild-moderate depression) on the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). This is a major difference and a great success!

"Brian" graduated high school last year. He was experiencing a lot of anxiety about what to do next in his life. He was able to get a job and at first, was very anxious about going to work. Brian was able to use skills to manage his anxiety at work and after about a month of working experienced minimal anxiety at work. This is a huge milestone for him!

I work with a young girl on processing past trauma and healthy communication. "Emily" came to therapy because of disruptive and argumentative behaviors. Her mother recently reported that over the last three weeks Emily has only had 1 or 2 instances of disruptive behavior at home.

"Brent" has been working with his therapists for a little over a year. He was very resistant to therapy last school year in the fourth grade, refused to practice coping skills and would not participate in mindfulness exercises. The therapist continued to meet with him weekly and try to help him process his emotions. Following a major behavioral outburst at school right Read More

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