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Who We Serve – Children, Families & Communities

An “asset” is something of value. We care for assets and invest in them to maximize their future benefits and impact.

Our name reflects our belief that adults, children, and young people are valuable! They are the future, and we must do everything we can to support them growing up in safe and caring environments that help them lead successful lives. We see children and young people as the “key assets” of this future. We also recognize that for adults, children, and young people to do well in life, they need to be nurtured and invested in, such as education, emotional well-being, cultural identity, belonging, and health. All require our time and investment. We want our young people to be resilient! Our name, “key assets,” reflects individuals’ and teams’ roles in nurturing and caring for young people. Our staff and the families of children and young people are also “key assets” that help them reach their full potential.

Key areas of support include:

Targeted Case Management

Our Targeted Case Managers play a crucial role in facilitating access to necessary services for individuals with specific needs, such as those with mental health issues, disabilities, or chronic health conditions. Their primary duty is to assess the individual’s unique situation and identify the most appropriate services and resources that align with their needs and goals. This often involves coordinating with various service providers, healthcare professionals, and community resources to ensure a comprehensive support network. Targeted Case Managers also advocate for our clients to ensure they receive the services they are entitled to, including counseling, medical care, housing assistance, and educational or employment opportunities. They continuously monitor the client’s progress and adjust the care plan as needed, providing a critical link between the individual and the broader care system. Our Targeted Case Managers’ work is instrumental in empowering clients, enhancing their quality of life, and promoting independence by navigating complex systems to find tailored solutions.

Community Support Associates

Key Assets Kentucky’s Community Support Associates play a vital role in assisting individuals with disabilities, mental health challenges, or those needing social support, helping them live more independently and engage more fully with their communities. Their work involves providing direct support and coaching in daily living skills, social interactions, and vocational training. They work closely with clients to identify their strengths, interests, and goals, developing personalized plans that promote self-sufficiency and enhance quality of life. Community Support Associates also facilitate connections to community resources and services, such as educational programs, recreational activities, and healthcare services, to ensure a holistic approach to support. Advocating for our clients’ needs and rights, they help break down barriers to inclusion and access to services. Their dedication empowers individuals and fosters a more inclusive and supportive community environment.

Community Support Successes


I am a therapist, but I was able to do a little case management work for “Betsy” and her family. I was able to get them a bunk bed and bikes for all five kids last summer by using some of the free yard sale sites. It made the kid’s day whenever I dropped off the bikes; they were so excited to hop on and ride. It also meant a lot to my parent client because she has a low income and isn’t often able to buy extra things like that for the kids. So, she was very appreciative, and I know that it also made a difference for her.


“Jaclyn” receives therapy, targeted case management, and community support from us. He is a middle-aged man with several physical ailments. On top of that, he experiences extreme anxiety that has prevented him from receiving the medical care he needs (among other limitations he has because of anxiety). We have been working hard using exposure therapy to help him learn how to manage his anxiety. He has now attended at least one medical appointment with his Community Support Associate! I am beyond proud of how this client’s team has shown up for him, shown him genuine care and compassion, and helped him find and use resources to allow him to better care for himself.


With assistance from several other Behavioral Health Service Organization team members, one Targeted Case Manager has finally found a bed for his adult client. “Chris” had been sleeping on an old, broken couch originally donated by Goodwill four years ago. This client had a host of chronic medical issues, all of which were exacerbated by his inability to have any restful sleep on the unsupportive, lopsided couch. This case manager worked to collaborate with community partners, and to arrange to transport a donated bed for Chris.

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