Employee Testimonials

We Are ALL Key Assets!

Discover firsthand accounts from our dedicated team members, sharing their experiences, growth, and the unique culture that makes our company a great place to work. Dive into their stories to see how we come together to innovate, support, and inspire each other every day.

Employee Testimonials


I have only been with Key Assets for about six months, but in those months I have felt more welcomed and at home than I have ever had with any other employment. Supervisors and staff are always ready to assist, strategize, and do whatever is needed to help ensure that I feel secure in the work that I am doing. Read More


The best part of working at the company is the flexible schedule, incentive pay, and social work supervision provided. Read More

Mission Driven

If you are looking for a workplace where you can truly make a difference, have an opportunity to grow professionally (and personally) and be supported by your co-workers and leaders, then Key Assets Kentucky is the workplace for you. Read More


Working at Key Assets is an opportunity like no other, this agency provides a unique therapeutic opportunity for clinicians in a residential facility. Read More


I love working for Key Assets. The company truly cares about their employees. Management is continuously looking for ways to improve things for employees, clients and youth in their care. Read More


I like how friendly and supportive all the coworkers and supervisors are. I’ve never worked at a place that made me feel so welcome from day 1 prior to working for Key Assets. Read More


No two days at this job is the same. Work with some great people who really care about our youth! Read More


I love so many things about Key Assets- the services. Read More


The part of the job that is the most gratifying is being able to provide information to people that can help them make lasting and impactful changes in their lives and possibly in the lives of those around them. Read More


Key Assets pays fairly, shows employees appreciation, and encourages work-life balance. Read More


I love working at Key Assets because I walked into a warm welcome and never had to correct my supervisors or coworkers on how to pronounce my name (I promise this is not common). Read More


Being a part of the BHSO team has given me so many opportunities for growth in the field. Read More


I love KAK.

I’ve been in this field for five years now. I’ve done the medical side, community access, I’ve been a house manager, and direct care staff. I’ve seen quite a few residential homes, none like ours. We make sure to give the absolute best care to our youth, and it shows. How far the youth have came in even the last year at house 8 makes me feel so good about my job. Yes, there’s hard times. Read More

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