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Key Assets is a child care and Behavioral Health Services Organization based in Kentucky. We work closely with the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) and other community stakeholders to provide high quality services both in and out of home for children and youth in Kentucky with complex needs. Children with complex needs often include children on the spectrum, those with developmental delays and often an accompanying behavioral health diagnosis such as “Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit or Bi-polar.”

We believe in brighter futures in Kentucky. Whenever possible Key Assets seeks to provide services to children and families in their home or at our offices. However, when children and young people cannot be safely maintained in their homes and are removed from their families and taken into care for a variety of reasons; Key Assets seeks to provide structured, community based options for these complex young people. We believe that by placing children in community placements that are well equipped to tackle trauma – within a therapeutic environment –where those being served can begin to deal with their experiences and the barriers that limit their access to our community.



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National foster care month

National foster care month

In my more than twenty years of work in child welfare I have come to appreciate that fostering is perhaps […]

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Alex came to Key Assets after a number of years in a psychiatric hospital setting.  He had been diagnosed with autism and many other things and many individuals did not see another option for him but continued living in that setting; but after three months in a Key Assets foster care placement all of those barriers that kept him from his community began to be removed.

Tracey & Shawn


Before we became foster parents we both worked full-time jobs on different shifts. On the weekends we spent time with our family and friends.

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Before we began the journey to fostering, we were a family of five who loved to show livestock and led active lives including being involved with our children’s schools.

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According to Webster’s dictionary, fostering is defined as a verb, “to give parental care to” (nurture), and “to promote the growth or development of” (encourage).

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