Mental Health

September 14, 2023

Celebrating Child Welfare Workers: Why They Deserve Appreciation

Child Welfare Worker Appreciation Week is an important occasion that recognizes the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to protect and improve the lives of vulnerable children […]
August 7, 2023

Preparing Special Needs or Autistic Youth for a Successful Return to School

As the summer draws to a close, the excitement of a new school year fills the air. However, this transition can be accompanied by a mix […]
June 14, 2023

Embracing Professional Wellness Month: The Importance of Disconnecting and Prioritizing Self-Care

Welcome to Professional Wellness Month! In our fast-paced and demanding work environments, it’s crucial to recognize the significance of maintaining our well-being. As providers of behavioral […]
May 11, 2023

The Importance of Seeking Therapy As Adults

As mental health experts, we can attest to the importance of adult therapy and counseling. The stigma surrounding therapy has significantly decreased in recent years, and […]
April 7, 2023

A Personal Perspective: What We Can and Should Learn from Autistics

“The purpose of learning isn’t to affirm our beliefs; it’s to evolve our beliefs.” – Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist, Author I’m an autistic ally, so I […]
April 6, 2023

Autism Acceptance Month

When I was a little kid, I loved anything and everything that sparkled. I was infatuated with glitter. To me, there was nothing that glitter couldn’t […]
July 9, 2021

Social Wellness And Its Importance To Your Health

People are social beings who live, work, and play together—and when one of us needs help, our communities are there to support us. Founded
May 11, 2021

Mental Health Awareness Month—A Path To Hope

Since 1949, the United States has recognized May as Mental Health Awareness Month — dedicated to recognizing the needs of those with mental or behavioral health […]
October 9, 2020

Emotional Wellness: 6 Tips For Managing Stress In The Era Of Covid-19

Long-term stressors, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, can test our bodies’ ability to manage stress effectively.